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Strategic HR

Strategic HR is one of the key innovations that the HR profession is going through. Strategic HR has the potential of catapulting the HR function to the forefront of the set of different organizational functions which add value to the organization's capacity to survive and grow.

The practicing of Strategic HR will shift the HR function from the the 'staff' and 'nice to do' tags to the 'critical' tag.


  • To assimilate the criticality and relevance of strategic HR.

  • To assimilate the role of HR in terms of Operational HR and Strategic HR.

  • To identify and apply the competencies of Strategic HR.

  • To synthesize and apply different HR functions strategically.

  • To formulate an action plan for transitioning to strategic HR in respective organizations.

Focus areas:

  • Understanding the Role of HR - Demonstrating the shift from rigid administrators to strategic contributors

  • Difference between strategic and operational HR

  • Relevance of strategic HR

  • SHRM process elements

  • Strategically reactive HR

  • Strategically proactive HR

  • Competitive advantage

  • HR Strategy

  • HR infrastructure

  • Vertical and horizontal linkages

  • Redesigning competency models through the strategic lens

  • Transitioning from traditional to strategic processes –

  • Redesigning learning and development function through strategic lens

  • Transitioning from traditional to strategic processes –

  • Designing OD/Organizational change interventions.

  • Designing the Talent Management function through the strategic lens

  • Redesigning Performance Management function through strategic lens

  • Redesigning Workforce Planning and Staffing functions through strategic lens

  • Assessing where your HR department stands for strategic maturity

  • Assessing where you stand in the maturity as a strategic leader

  • Answers to compelling strategic HR questions

  • Common strategic errors of HR department and how to solve them

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