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OD Intervention:Appreciative inquiry

  • Appreciative inquiry
    Appreciative inquiry is a breakthrough in organization development.It is a process of leveraging organizational strengths in order to design and achieve the preferred organizational future.It also develops a culture of
    achievement in the organization.
  • Utility of AI-I
    • Catalyses organizational change on the basis of strengths.
    • Organizational heroes get their due recognition.
    • Organizational success stories get highlighted.
    • The positive core of the organization is identified.
    • The preferred future of the organization gets evolved.
    • Key personnel evolve into positive change agents.

  • Utility of Appreciaitve inquiry-II
    • To unleash positive change in the organization.
    • To bring about inside-out change on the basis of organizational strengths.
    • To build upon organizational strengths.
    • To achieve strategic clarity on the basis of organizational strengths
    • To create a culture of achievement.

  • AI Clients
    • NTPC
    • DAMCO Software
    • Fidelity(for select leaders)

    E-Mail:Sanjiv Narang