Customer Centricity

Being Customer Centric means having a deep understanding of Customer’s business and developing trusted, longterm relationships to create synergistic win-win situations.

Customer centricity: Why?

  • Customer centric companies are 60% more profitable than non-customer centric companies.
  • 10% increase in customer retention=30% increase in company value.
  • A focus on the buyer’s journey reaps over 50% greater return on marketing investments than for those that don’t.
  • Not surprisingly, a focus on the customer journey typically means a better customer experience. Translation? Nearly 25% more positive social media mentions.
  • Better customer experience also drives better and more positive word of mouth, driving more than 2.5 times greater revenue from customer referrals.
  • Objectives of Customer Centricity

  • To analyse and assimilate the need for customer centricity.
  • To synthesize customer centricity and its key elements.
  • To assimilate the types of customer needs and their link to customer satisfaction.
  • To identify dimensions of customer centricity.
  • To undertake Customer Needs analysis.
  • Customer Centricity:How?

    • Exploring the relationship between customer needs and customer satisfaction
    • Normal Requirements are typically what we get by just asking customers what they want.
    • Expected Requirements are often so basic the customer may fail to mention them - until we fail to perform them.
    • Exciting Requirements are difficult to discover. They are beyond the customer's expectations.