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Innovation Programs

Innovation Systems Consulting conducts workshops and interventions in the field of innovation and creativity.It also develops innovation ecosystems for organizations which want to increase the level of innovation in the organization.

Workshops on Innovation

Workshops on innovation are focussed on developing the innovation competency of participants with a special focus on innovation tools and systems for generating powerful innovation ideas and converting them into prototypes and the prototypes into innovations.The impact of these programs is borne out by the fact thet 160 innovations have been generated by key clients of innovation systems consulting.

Innovation Interventions

Innovation Interventions focus on developing competency,process as well as organization structures that trigger innovation.

Intranet based Innovation Eco-System

There is a dire need in organizations functioning in highly competitive environments to engage the creative and innovation potential of their employees.An innovation ecosystem acts as the innovation backbone of the organization.It facilitates the generation of potent innovation ideas by organizational personnel;their identification as valuable ideas;their conversion into prototypes and their final deployment as innovations.

Successes of Innovation Systems Consulting