Innovation Systems Consulting Insycon
Transforming through innovation



For organizations in need of developing the strategic competency of their personnel,Insycon designs and facilitates the following training programs:

  • Workshop on Strategy and business modeling
  • Designing an innovative strategy for sales/marketing/R&D/IT/HR
  • Designing a strategy for enhanced customer focus & customer satisfaction.
  • Formulating a strategy for,"New Product Launch".
  • Formulating a strategy for enhancing performance.

Insycon has expertise in the design of competency building workshops on Strategy and Startegic thinking.A distinctive competency of Insycon is the competency of facilitating the formulation of innovative strategy by clients in areas such as Sales,Marketing,IT & HR. Over the last 19 years,Insycon has conducted workshops for clients such as NTPC,GSK,Nestle,Gillette & Power HR Forum.

Selected projects
  • Workshop on,"Business orientation and strategy" for NTPC.
  • Workshop on,"Designing an innovative strategy for sales" for GSK.
  • Workshop on,"Strategy for enhancing CRM" for BPCL.
  • Workshop on,"Designing performance strategy" for Gillette.
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E-Mail:Sanjiv Narang